Isn't it just simply mind-boggling how many people casually chat about ONENESS, that we "are all one" these days? I mean you can hardly set your foot anywhere outside your home without overhearing people passionately exchange on the topic - it is just everywhere: SHADOW PROJECTION, vibration control and common frequency fields have become as common words as viral marketing, core power and certified organic raw. And in one part, this is a good thing. From another angle, it's just not so ideal. "Why?" - you may ask, - "What's wrong with emphasizing our INTERCONNECTEDNESS, our common ground, our source that nourishes all of us, especially in times where everything revolves around expressing the ego in the most individualized way in the low frequency morphogenetic fields?"

Well, firstly because the truth is that oneness is only one part of the whole deal, one side of the coin - you get my drift. And secondly because OVERCOMPENSATION is always a sign of apparent lack and thereby can never be an expression of real balance, although it might lead to it. Only deeper understanding and conscious application of the purpose of INDIVIDUALITY will balance the equation. 


So let's say you are one of these warriors on the front line and have already gone through the revelatory mode of oneness a couple of years or even decades ago. One of those who have struggled to get mentally a grip on who they truly are if all reflects them in all times - as - I mean come on let's be honest here folks - being everything, nothing AND something at the same time can be confusing, right? Who have tried to literally figure out successfully where the projection ends and the reflection starts in the interplay of all koshas and fields.  And once the mental and emotional obsession gradually vanishes, you hit a point where the fascination with Oneness, well I am not going to say "stops" as it never does, but the whole over emphasis of it stops. You are working with the Self, you are the Self and you have kept your ego .. I mean how can the ego "uncreate" something that it did not create in the first place? Talking about delusions of grandeur! So you're here and now with the whole package and then it finally hits you as you come to one conclusion: the other side (the one that is currently still in the shadow of human consciousness) is about development of your individuality by conscious means, honouring the truth of oneness (shadow integration) and making the appropriate changes in your life because you are something like a HUMAN GLOBOLI, a human homeopathic drop in the vast sea of human evolution. You'll be the mindful sower and the willing seed. You be the yogi scientist and the lab. You are in essence connected to the centripetal and centrifugal force. 

What people need in addition to finding common ground of being is how to passionately and consistently fully develop their - connected to their own divine guidance - individuality. Because we all contribute meaningful and important PERSPECTIVES to the greater good by integrating our individuality to us presented life-lessons! It requires endurance, courage and sincerity to just keep going with this life-long process. Permanent EVALUATION, REFLECTION, DISTINCTION and constant ADAPTATION is needed and Yoga can help to sustain the journey.


As human beings we just love to mentally convince ourselves that we're actually on the path while sitting on the side of the road and watching others walk by. Yoga will make you more humble and physically challenge you enough so you can see if you're really up to it. Because it is just so easy to only be in our heads about it and intellectualize everything, right? We think we are on the path and realize that we have pretty much faked our way through it.  We have only copied and pasted from teacher and friends by parroting our way through life because we lacked clarity, because we lacked presence, embodiment, because we thought we are missing the resources to investigate, because we just did not feel up to it, because others are the "experts" and certainly know more than we do despite that nagging feeling that tells us that something "is just not right with it". Because we thought our connection to the source was not strong enough to really go for it, because someone else might be doing the job anyway, right? Because we evaded what required real courage on the evolutionary scale of delightfully scary, absolutely necessary and breathtakingly beautiful novelty in the shared morphogenetic field.

But the mirror is there, the feeling of discomfort in the midst of the routine of daily life and even if you put up a good fight and don't wanna look into it despite your inherent urge to do so - yoga will bluntly tell you through your closest "buddy"/body: "For whatever reasons, you're not really free here, Dude!". YOGA IS YOUR MEASURING STICK that will not bend to deliberate or subconsciously evoked fakery.

Passing through the evolutionary stages of revelatory enlightenment and as a consequence deeply touching Self realization you'll come to the level where taking a tough stance on what really "matters to you" will definitely be one of your next steps. So for me as a Prana Flow teacher it is not only about embodying full spectrum of being but also about handing people their own private toolbox with all the excitingly wondrous tools and techniques to develop and consciously work with their individuality. Or as my fellow Prana Flow teacher Martina Romanov has put it so beautifully: 

In the end we are all separate: our stories, no matter how similar, come to a fork and diverge. We are drawn to each other because of our similarities, but it is our differences we must learn to respect.
— Martina

Can you dig it?

So when to boldly speak up and go into SEPARATION and DISSONANCE, and when to decide to calmly stand back in our individuality, BLENDING IN beautifully and HARMONISE with others?


Can we serve centered integrated individuality and the sustenance of the ever changing waves of the ocean of community at the same time? I am definitely nodding here. And the key concept is what we in the Prana Flow Yoga community call Spandha, the spontaneous (sahadja) rising of the creative energy moving through you and calling you to a certain action or expression.

You will know and feel what's on the table for you in any given moment beyond any doubt when you just trust yourself and the spontaneous urge or creative input that will emerge from deep within you. You can never serve anything else but the SELF if you respond to the Spandha in a heart-centered, conscious, loving way. The universe (creative intelligence) will use your vibrational being as a tool for expressing what is needed in the whole frequency field to jump start the evolution that has to be dealt with NOW. And the best thing about all of this is you can just sit back, relax and be yourself.

Your Self.

Unified and individualized. 

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