New Year Resolutions - (afraid of not ) doing things

Please be honest: How many self motivational blogs on Youtube are you subscribed to?

Alright, this may be a "too much too soon" beginning. Let me re-phrase: Why do you need encouragement? What does it boil down to, this needing of encouragement? Low self-esteem, lack of focus, lack of clarity - what you’re really after?

Or, (no pun intended) let me start anew: It´s the first day of a new dawn. Now or never, the urgency of change - yes, I DO understand. But is it really flipping the switch between zero and one? What about states in between, like quantum computing?

Janus carries the energy of January, he´s a dude looking back and forward at the same time. In many areas of our living habitat Earth, water is still frozen. Lasting change will still take some time, until we have the supportive powers of the sun, the spiritual light, the fire in the mind, intellect and belly.

So hold your horses, young Yedi. Start your journey with clarity. Go up the reasoning chain. What is it that you want? Do YOU want it, or does society or someone else want it it FOR you? What is the foundational desire ("from the lord") behind that? Is it evolutionary constructive?
Frankly: If not - why bother?

Yin, be it the time of year or the practice, scares many people - me included. Nothing challenges the "feeling oh so separated" ego so much as NOT DOING, as it gains all its power from being in command and control - yes, its the super hero action movie talk.

But I mean YOUR soul’s spiritual progress. The little whisper beyond the ego’s roar. All it takes is stopping the wheel for a moment. Sitting down (maybe in a yoga pose). Arriving in its familiarity or uncomfortableness. No importa (doesn’t matter). Waiting what comes. I dare you. To wait. Find closure. This means understanding: What happened, what it taught you, who supported you to come to this place, be it through resistance or common ground. What this means now, for your future. All is calm all is bright. Yes, holy night.

Embrace the dark, the soft, the not doing, the allowing: Holy yin, the deepening. Think Frank Sinatra: “Night and day”. So your dawn is no superficial flashlight, losing its power as the batteries are becoming empty. So your drive throughout the year is powered by the eternal sun of the all connecting evolution and not the fear - driven egos fireworks - dramatic, but fading as fast as a blink of an eye.

I dare you to shake off the shackles of a society that fears that life only values the superficial OUTCOME. When actually everyone is after INCOME.
For whatever this should tell us.

Wait. Babysteps. Consistent babysteps.  They will build to huge distances covered.
Guaranteed as day follows night.
You´ll arrive at the “spring” that propels you forward.