The Essence of Motivation

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Yoga is everywhere.

Growing up in the western world and being heavily influenced by a traditional Christian mindset very often means that we have been spoon-fed from an early age on the ideology that God exists apart from our physical world in another dimension of being and that we have to somehow "earn our way back" in order to be in its presence. When we start practicing Yoga, we instantly and eagerly transfer this subconscious energy of the inaccessible God of our childhood right to the new system where it becomes the all dominating term "enlightenment"  that now towers over us - something that we are going to achieve once we have been "good enough" which translates in Yoga terms to having spend sufficient hours breathing, sweating and bending, having wholeheartedly sung enough songs of devotions or mantras of divine wisdom and other rules and regulations that the ahamkar feverishly postulates in order to prove that it needs to exist so it can show us the way.

Don't get me wrong: blissful devotion and the joys that come from a dedicated practice definitely can be essential expressions of our deeply felt love for existence (and of course also the ahamkar had deliberately been created as a tool), but a lot of us barely question our true motives once we have jumped onto the now oh-so-fashionable train of Yoga. But Yoga is about consciousness and the reality of what is, so we better start looking. Truth is that in the western world we are so used to directly go head on after "what drives us" that we seldomly take a breather and stand back taking in the grander picture and literally becoming conscious(ness) of "what really goes on behind the curtain" (or call it veil). The "brutal" reality is that the ego (or call it your persona, what you identify with) going after something that - when "achieved" - sets it apart from the rest of existence and grants it a spiritual VIP status in a safe haven is nothing else but the expression of the deepest ignorance of higher truth.

No wonder we are so used to confusing the levels to which truth applies: Many of us have been born into a system in which we are used to getting around in rigid metal boxes called cars (also "auto" - which actually means "self") that shield us from everything around us - especially nature - in which we disconnectedly rush from A to B without being in touch with what we are going through or passing - even if this tells us the real story:

  1. Are we finetuned enough so we can consciously interact with what unfolds around and within us
  2. Have we cultivated our agni - our fire of assimilation, digestion, transformation? 
  3. How well equipped are we on a spiritual, emotional and mental level to come to a higher understanding of what transcendentally is being played out right in front of us and how the power of our conscious intention, clear choice and subsequent action will - like a homeopathic remedy - definitely make a lasting change in the overall morphogenetic field that is being on display? 

In the end, this is our service! This is our individual and collective evolution!

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We always think that we have to get somewhere, (usually into the next challenging asana) go some place (this fantastic workshop that we actually don't have the money for - yet), be some how (always smiling, never sad .. you get my drift) in order to have it better, feel better, have finally achieved something or have made peace with a certain issue that's haunting us. Just for now ask yourself: what if this is never going to happen? What if there is no static "flatline" blissed out state that you will "own" and sit on one day no matter what  - a final "end state" that will have become your own little private energetic Fort Knox behind which you can hide from the rest of existence? What if there is nothing you have to run after, because the most valuable gifts that come from the Self are not achieved by the active efforts of the ego but given to it in grace once you surrender by opening up and start to listen to the moment

The resistance we feel to this is actually the pain that radiates from our own state of disconnection  - disconnection from our breath, our thoughts and emotions, our physical body and our own spiritual truth, disconnection from what is real within and around us. And so we start running after something - usually something external and difficult to achieve, be it that asana or "enlightenment" -  not questioning our own true essential motive behind this drive.

In Vinyasa Flow, we open ourselves to consciously being with, listening to and embodying the eternal wisdom of shakti - the spontaneous expression of higher intelligence that informs all beings - and once you have had the experience of being "in the zone", you certainly agree that it is usually so fulfilling that the notion of "going after something" that is somewhere else but now would never voluntarily enter your mind and heart. And why would it? This nourishing connection that leaves no desire unfulfilled can only be made in the present moment. You will always be in a dynamic flow, but you do not need to be in a disconnected rush -  ever.

So next time you catch yourself running to this next appointment with a million thoughts dashing through your mind and your breath in a shallow, irregular state, step aside internally and come home into the moment of now, especially if you think you cannot afford to do it. This is living yoga - everything you need will spring forth from it and what you are looking for might be right in front of your eyes.

Yoga is everywhere.

Radiate Variety in Unity. Chill. Life is not to be imitated. :)