Choose one of my 4 Yoga DVDs in order to get your flow going!

For me all Chiaradina DVD’s are superb. They are full of detailed instructions on the several poses and practices and the explanations that Chiaradina gives are simple and assertive. The sets on which the DVD’s are made are spectacular, and well suited and inspirational for anyone who desires to have a really good Yoga practice.
— Gustavo M.
Ideal for all Vinyasa Flow fans! Creative and challenging, and one feels really fantastic after practice - Have fun, you guys!
— Hermine G.
This DVD is a really great workout - especially for your abs! Perfect timing: challenges alternate with relaxation right when you need it. The core exercises are sometimes really pushing me to my limit -then I simply take a short break. I would not recommend “Ashtavakrasana” for total beginners, simply because in my opinion, some poses do require prior experience with yoga.
— Dagmar G.
The sequence itself never gets boring - sometimes challenging, sometimes more relaxed - exactly as described on the cover. This will develop your strength and your flexibility! The background music has been carefully selected, the backdrops are really beautiful - it doesn´t get better than practising with this exquisit, natural background. Bottomline: This is my newest secret weapon to maintain my body strong and subtle!
— Romerodolorosa

Bring your hand to your heart. Make an offering. And from that, out into the world.
— Chiaradina

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