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Chiaradina Cerweny
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The Radiance Sutras (vijnana bhairava tantra) - Lorin Roche, PH.D.

asya sarvasya vishvasya
pari-anteshu sam-antatah
adhva prakriyayaa tattvam
shaivam dhyaatvaa maha-udayah

"The air I am breathing was exhaled in ecstasy
By an ancient Sun.
This Earth I am standing on
Was born of cosmic fire.
The blood flowing through my veins
Is as salty as the primordial ocean.
The space permeating my body
Is infinite as the space all around.

Above, below, to all sides, within
The elements of the universe
Are engaged in their ceremony of delight.

This is my religion.
The attraction between suns
Is the same
As the love pulsating in my heart.